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Exploring Award Winning Wines: A Journey through recent and upcoming wines by Poplar Grove Winery

Published 04/23/23


When it comes to the world of fine wines, recognition and accolades serve as a testament to the artistry and craftmanship behind each bottle of Poplar Grove wine. We are thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of our recent releases, offer insights into our library, and provide a sneak peek into the exciting wines that you can look forward to in the future. Join us on this wine journey as we explore the impressive awards and upcoming releases that have captivated wine enthusiasts and experts alike.

Current Releases: A Triumph of Excellence

2018 Sparkling Extra Brut: Silver Medal at Drink Business Global Sparkling Masters

Our journey begins with the 2018 Sparkling Extra Brut. This wine is handpicked by our owners, Tony and Barb Holler, from their home estate vineyard on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Comprised of 100% single vineyard estate-grown Chardonnay and strategically picked early to be developed into a dry and crisp sparkling wine, this vintage has been awarded the Silver Medal at the prestigious Drink Business Global Sparkling Masters Competition.  This is a testament to its exceptional quality and effervescent charm.

2019 CSM: A San Francisco Wine Competition Gold Medalist

This Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah blend stands tall with a Gold Medal proudly earned at the San Francisco Wine Competition. This blend masterfully combines the best of three varietals to create a harmonious blend of flavours that gives a platform to bouquets of rosemary, sage, with flavours of cardamom, oak and vanilla on the palate.

2019 Merlot: A San Francisco Wine Competition Gold Medalist

The 2019 Merlot wins a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition. This bold red wine offers aromas of sticky toffee, peppercorn and plum. This wine has a medium body that is host to velvety tannins, with sweet notes of cherry, plum and vanilla. Red wines like this embody the passion and dedication of our winemakers, resulting in a sensory experience that is second to none.

2019 Syrah: A Gold Medalist at National and International Competitions 

The 2019 Syrah has garnered gold medals at the San Francisco Wine Competition with 91 points, as well as gold medals at The Drink Business Global Syrah Masters and the esteemed Wine Align National Awards. This wine is deep purple in colour with fragrant clove and savoury blackberry aromatics that burst from the moment the bottle is open. This wine has flavours of succulent raspberry, smooth vanilla, and black pepper with a medium acidity and bold tannins. The dominant oak essence in this Syrah encourages this wine to have a long and complex finish.

2019 Cabernet Franc: Topping the Podium at the New York and San Francisco Wine Competitions

The 2019 Cabernet Franc has garnered dual Gold Medals at two international competitions in San Francisco and New York. The alluring scent of this Cabernet Franc offers aromas of cherry pie, black tea and lavender that greet your senses with the first pull of the cork. This medium bodied wine has bold tannins that surprise your palate coupled with sweet flavours of red fruit, smooth vanilla, and oak. With each sip, you’ll discover the intricate layers that make this varietal a true standout.

2022 Pinot Gris: Wins Double Gold at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition 

The 2022 Pinot Gris has garnered a Double Gold Medal at The New York & Spirits Competition. This wine is medium lemon in colour with aromas of white lilac and citrus. The palate displays a bright acidity with flavours of ripe Okanagan peach, white nectarine and a soft floral note on the mid palate. This wine offers a smooth mouthfeel and long delicate finish making it the perfect pairing to any occasion.

2019 The Legacy: Double Gold Medalist at The New York and San Francisco International Wine Competition

The excitement builds as we anticipate the release of the 2019 The Legacy, with a Double Gold Medal at The New York International Wine & Spirits Competition and at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. This wine has a rich intensity in the nose with deep garnet hues in the glass. You can expect bold aromas of cassis and black cherry with notes of plums, vanilla, and blackberries on the palate. This wine promises to carry forward The Legacy of excellence that define the Poplar Grove brand.

Our Library Selection: A Cellar of Excellence 

2017 The Legacy: Best in Show and Gold Medalist Winner in London Wine Competition

The Legacy 2017 has not only secured a Gold Medal with an impressive 93 Points, it has also been honoured with the Best in Show title at the London Wine Competition. Elegant and refined, the 2017 version marries elegance and finesse, with serious density and grip. All component varietals were estate grown and hand-picked for their specific characteristics, then rigorously sorted prior to fermentation and extended maceration. The various lots were aged in 100% traditional French barriques for 21 months before the final blend was assembled, and then matured in-bottle for 2 years prior to release. The wine is a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional wines that contribute to the Poplar Grove Legacy.

2018 Cabernet Franc: A San Francisco Wine Competition Gold Medalist

The 2018 Cabernet Franc wins a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition. Cabernet Franc was one of the original grape varietals planted in the Poplar Grove Vineyards. An immediate favourite from the first vintage in 1995, because of its intense fruit quality and ripe velvety tannins, this wine is deep ruby red with aromas of red berry fruit and cedar. The palate begins with flavours of blueberry and dark chocolate and finishes with hints of vanilla and dried herbs. This elegant wine is refined in its approach offering fine integrated tannins and balanced acidity. This vintage exemplifies the consistent quality and dedication that define our winemaking philosophy.

2018 Syrah: A Decanter World Wines Gold Medalist 

The 2018 Syrah has secured its place among the best, earning a Gold Medal with an impressive 95 Points at the Decanter World Wines Competition. This Syrah is medium purple with a silky mouthfeel and dark red fruits with enticing savory elements. The aromas are youthful with notes of white pepper and blueberry. This wine has flavours of raspberry and spice with notes of tarragon on the finish. Beautifully balanced with bright acidity, it marries well with grilled lamb and roasted duck dishes. This recognition underscores the elegance and complexity that this varietal brings to our portfolio.

Upcoming Releases: Anticipation Builds 

2020 Merlot: Wins Best in Class at The LA International Wine Competition and Gold at the San Francisco Wine Competition 

A class of its own, the 2020 Merlot has earned both a Gold Medal with 95 Points and the coveted Best in Class title at The LA International Wine Competition as well as a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition. This vintage is poised to redefine the standards of Merlot craftsmanship. With aromas of blueberry, bay leaf and aged leather at first smell, the palate offers notes of bright red cherry, dark chocolate, and a subtle spice note on the finish.

2020 Syrah: Wins Double Gold at Pacific Rim International Wine Competition 

With a Double Gold from the Pacific Rim International Wine Competition and a Gold Medal from The Drink Business Global Masters, this release promises to captivate wine enthusiasts worldwide. This Syrah exhibits aromas of plums, vanilla and pepper on the nose. The palate is sharp and precise with ripe raspberry, black licorice, and a subtle essence of oak on the finish.

2020 CSM: Wins Gold at the Great Northwest Wine Competition

The Great Northwest Wine Competition is held each year in Oregan and features wine from all over the Pacific Northwest with judges from all over the world. This blend is masterfully crafted using Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Syrah. The palate is smooth with notes of raspberry jam, black currant and a touch of vanilla.

Our recent and upcoming releases are a testament to our unwavering commitment to producing wines of the highest quality and distinction. The accolades and awards they have garnered show the passion, skill, and dedication of our winemaking team.