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Plot Twist
Plot Twist Farms

Tucked away on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, Plot Twist Farms soaks up the sun to bring you spray free, wholesome, delicious, and real food since 2017. On the farm, they use Biodynamics which influences when they plant and harvest, which increases yields, makes plants stronger and more nutritious, and increasing storage time, hardiness and disease resistance. Karla, owner of Plot twist,  aims to create a balance with nature to allow the ecosystem to thrive by making small adjustments and encouraging a multitude of species to coexist, recognizing that biodiversity creates resilience. The Restaurant at Poplar Grove has been working with Karla since 2020 and we always look forward to her shining bright face when she delivers our greens, tomatoes and other wonderful produce.

PuzzleGrass Farms
Puzzlegrass Farm

Erin and Madison are the first generation farmers behind Puzzlegrass Farm. Soil health and sustainable practices are at the forefront of their farming practices as they are passionate about making a positive impact on the community they farm in. They also believe that the best tasting vegetables come from the best cared for soil. The farmers brew their own compost tea and practice no-till methods. This system works on the 2 acres of land they farm on in Naramata B.C. They grow over 100 varieties of vegetables and tend an orchard of Gala and Pink Lady apples. Puzzlegrass also grows beautiful flowers for all events and occasions.


Codfathers Formatted
Codfathers Seafood Market

Codfathers is a sustainable seafood market serving the Okanagan. We believe in supporting small businesses that share our sustainability values, and fish or harvest using methods that respect the environment and coastal communities. We’ve proud to have worked alongside Poplar Grove for many years now as they share so many of our values—and make truly beautiful food with our fish! We’re a full-service fishmonger and we make sure that we use every part of the fish from fin to tail. Nothing is wasted, we make stocks in-store and even sell ‘fish mix’ packs which use trim from all our premium seafood fillets and steaks. Everything is used to bring you the best possible sustainable seafood. That’s all part of how we do things here at Codfathers: respect the ingredients and use every piece. From seacuterie and fresh-shucked oysters to whole fish, hand-cut fillets, live shellfish and more here at Codfathers we believe in eating in harmony with the ocean.



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