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Pinot Gris 2018

Pinot Gris 2018
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Wine Specs
Pinot Gris
Okanagan Valley
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A pure, clean and widely admired expression of this popular grape. Unoaked to preserve the grape's personality. Juicy and bold with a captivating range of stone fruit that lends finely balanced acidity and layers of cleansing freshness throughout.
Vineyard Notes
The 2018 growing season was similar to 2017. Spring started off slowly and was wetter than average. 2018 found the vineyards two weeks behind our normal bud burst. Once the warmer weather arrived mid-spring, it caused the above average snow levels in the mountains to melt rapidly resulting in another year of flooding. The flooding did not wash any topsoil away and, after a challenging start, the end of spring weather conditions were perfect for an ideal fruit set. Once summer arrived, it was hot and dry which tested our vineyard crews to pay close attention to irrigation regimes and leaf-to-fruit ratios. The vineyards soaked up the summer sunshine; meticulous farming and careful yield management allowed the grapes to fully ripen on the vine. September was wet. After each rainfall, the tractors were driven down the vineyard rows to blow the water off the vines and fruit ensuring there was no opportunity for mold to develop. A beautiful autumn saw the perfect weather to allow the fruit to catch up after a wet September.

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