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Chardonnay 2015

Soft yellow in colour, with intriguing aromas of toasted walnut, satsuma, and vanilla bean. This wine’s intricate flavour profile develops with every sip. The palate is first greeted with electric lemon rind, cantaloupe and guava, finishing with assertive lingering crème brulee and hazelnut. Light French oak barrel aging adds flavours of pecans to the wine’s long silky finish.

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Pinot Gris 2015

White gold honey in colour with vibrant aromas of white peaches and apricots. The first sip brings flavours of sun-ripened nectarines & ripe pears. The finish lingers with Granny Smith apples and freshly picked apricots. Balanced acidity and refreshing minerality arrive on the finish. Poplar Grove Pinot Gris is simply the best of theOkanagan Summer in a glass.

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Syrah 2013

Deep crimson in colour. Aromas of blueberry and violets intertwined with a savoury cocoa essence. The first sip brings baked plum with black pepper and blackberry with a hint of caramel. Soft, integrated tannins build on the Syrah’s classic meatiness and allows the wine to be a full-bodied, sultry expression of Okanagan Syrah.

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